Featuring Kristin Kent, author

Author Kristin Kent was a wife and mother living the suburban dream when she read her first erotic romance novel. It awakened a long-shelved desire to write professionally. Now she writes at home in scenic West Michigan, sharing her life with her husband, two grown sons, and a stubborn but stinking cute Shiba Inu.

What is your primary or favorite genre to write? – I write contemporary erotic romance

Do you have other genres you write for? – No.

Which project is your favorite so far?  Why? – I’m a debut author, so of course, my first novel is my favorite. I am, however, currently writing the sequel and delving into some new territory, enjoying the exploration of new subject matter and plot twists.

How long have you been writing? – I’ve enjoyed writing since way back in high school but decided to seriously pursue writing a novel in January 2017.

Where is your favorite place to write? What kind of atmosphere do you need? Quiet, music, coffee, wine? Any tricks to get in the zone? – I tend to write sitting in a favorite overstuffed chair in our family room, with soft music playing in the background. However, I’ve been known to write some of my favorite scenes on my lap in the car as we travel to northern Michigan.

What genres do you prefer to read? – Reading took a backseat while I was raising my now grown sons. After the youngest went off to college, I had more time on my hands and picked up that now infamous erotic romance trilogy to see what the fuss was all about. While I’d always read romance, both contemporary and historical, erotic romance soon took over as my favorite genre.

What’s your favorite book or movie? – Looking back over time, The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough. Now? I’d have to say The Driven Trilogy (Driven, Fueled, Crashed) by K. Bromberg. Kristy Bromberg is the author who inspired me to write. She was a newly self-published author herself, only five years ago.

What do you do for fun when you’re not writing? – I have a love/hate relationship with exercise and try to make it part of every day. If I’m doing it right, it’s fun. I’ve been a singer since my youth and currently sing with my church’s contemporary worship team. Music speaks to me in ways the spoken word cannot. In the past 5 years, I made time to read every day and polished off approximately 100-150 books a year. A social butterfly at heart, I always make time for friends.


Amazon author page –  amazon.com/author/kristinkent

Facebook author page:  https://www.facebook.com/Author-Kristin-Kent-321695975030842/

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