Featuring Elizabeth Meyette, author

Author, blogger, and believer in dreams-come-true, Elizabeth Meyette fell in love with books as a child when her sister read her Goldilocks and the Three Bears. She retired early from teaching to pursue her passion: writing. “Yes, I hear voices in my head and I give them names and call them characters.”

Elizabeth’s writing genre: American Historical Romance, specifically during the Colonial America and American Revolution eras.

Elizabeth Meyette - Love's CourageHer most recent publication is Love’s Courage available on Amazon.

Summary:  She had to leave him to save her father. He had to follow her to save his heart. [Diana’s note: For a romance, this is one of the best one-line summaries I’ve ever seen! Take note writers!]

Why did you decide to write this book?Love’s Courage is the third in The Brentwood Saga series. Andrew Wentworth and Jenny Sutton are secondary characters in my first two historicals, Love’s Destiny and Love’s Spirit. They meet and fall in love in Love’s Spirit. Once I finished writing that book, they began clamoring to have their own love story told. I had no choice.

What’s your next writing project? – I’m currently working on the third book in my Finger Lakes Mysteries series. This book has a working title that only I and Jesse Graham, my heroine, are privy to. My other favorite genre to write is paranormal mysteries with strong romantic elements.

How long have you been writing? – I began writing Love’s Destiny thirty-some years ago, but while I was teaching English I never had much time to polish my book and submit it. I would revise and edit it over the years when I could. When I retired in 2011, I revised it yet again and it was accepted by Crimson Romance and published in June 2012.

Where do you see your writing in the next 3-5 years? – I still have so many story ideas that I doubt I’ll run out of grist for the mill. I love researching, so I think there will be a couple more historical romances. I also love mysteries, so I see a few more in my future. I’m hoping to repeat the success I had in 2016-2017 when one of my books was an Amazon Bestseller for several weeks. I’m aiming for USA Today and the New York Times. LOL

Where is your favorite place to write? – I am fortunate to have a lovely office in my home where I can write for hours. I like a quiet atmosphere. I am an auditory learner, so even classical music will distract me. Forget about music with lyrics—I’d be singing along and nothing would be written. When I am in my best space, (i.e. daily yoga and meditation) I am centered and ready to open myself to my muse, Boris. I try to set an intention when I sit down, say a prayer, if you will, that what I write will be meaningful to readers and truthful to my characters. I usually light a candle and drink water or tea. I save the wine as a reward for the end of my writing day. Chocolate is always involved.

What genres do you prefer to read? – Historical romance from many eras. I love all of Morgan O’Neill’s time travel series because they are so historically accurate. I also like Becky Lower’s Cotillion Ball series because it’s American history, though the 1800s instead of the 1700s. I also like romantic suspense and mystery. Karen White’s Tradd Street series is amazing. Oh, and I love Laura Spinella’s Ghost Gifts trilogy which is paranormal mystery just like my Finger Lakes Mysteries.

You can learn more about Elizabeth at these various links:

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