Featuring Rosanne Bitner, author

Rosanne Bitner, also known as the Queen of Historical Romance, has published 67 books over 35 years and has won numerous writing awards. Her first love is the American West of the 1800s, and all her books are well researched, gritty, realistic westerns, as well as beautifully-told, solid love stories. Rosanne lives with her husband of 52 years in Southwest Michigan. Both have traveled the West extensively for research. In her spare time, Rosanne likes to garden and watch the birds at her feeders.

Her primary writing genre: Western Historical Romance (America’s Old West)

Rosanne Bitner - A Warriors PromiseHer most recent publication is A Warrior’s Promise, a native American historical romance available through Amazon.

A Warrior’s Promise is the continuing story of Two Wolves and his wife, Claire, who first appeared in Capture My Heart. The novel portrays the difficulties of a man who is both white and Cheyenne, living in Colorado in the 1860s. Highlighted in this story is the infamous Sand Creek Massacre in southern Colorado and how it affects the choices Two Wolves has to make involving promises he made to his white wife. A powerful and touching love story.

Why did you decide to write this book?A Warrior’s Promise is a sequel to my Amazon book Capture My Heart (March 2017). I wanted to continue the story of Two Wolves and his white wife, Claire, and to highlight the true event of the Sand Creek Massacre in southern Colorado. A Warrior’s Promise is my 67th published book.

What’s your next writing project? – My next writing project is Logan’s Lady, a big new single title for my publisher, Sourcebooks, to be released spring of 2019. I am also writing a new short Christmas story for another Sourcebooks Christmas anthology to be published October 2019. Throughout the summer I will have several more of my older titles reissued by Amazon with new covers.

How long have you been writing? – I have been writing for 35 years. Over the next 3-5 years, I intend to keep writing in the genre that I love and hope to also publish my first big contemporary story as well as a WWII story.

Where is your favorite place to write? – I write at home in a cozy corner of my living room. If hubby is watching TV, I put on my earphones and play my favorite “writing music,” mostly theme songs from famous westerns. That’s what gets me “in the zone.” I can write anywhere if I have my music and a computer handy.

What genres do you prefer to read? – I read mostly American western romance but not really a lot. I mostly read the books I have in my huge library of research books. Research reading, for me, is entertainment. A favorite book I read at 14 is A Lantern in Her Hand, by Bess Streeter Aldrich. It’s a beautifully-told story about a woman who follows her husband to Nebraska when there was virtually nothing. It’s a wonderful description of a pioneer woman’s loneliness.

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